01. Sometimes I wonder about the [utility] of riding my bicycle to school to reduce pollution when so many people drive cars.
02. The price of public [utilities] such as electricity and gas are relatively cheap in this country.
03. This [utility] knife can be used for a wide variety of purposes.
04. The government is planning to nationalize [utilities] such as electricity and oil, in order to control prices and production.
05. The badminton players [utilized] every inch of the court during their game.
06. We [utilized] sound effects CDs to produce the background noises on our recording.
07. Over 4,000 years ago, the Harappan people produced finely crafted [utilitarian] objects in bronze and copper.
08. Iron is [utilized] in the body in the formation of red blood cells.
09. This factory is the first in the country to [utilize] solar power for over 50% of its energy needs.
10. Old railway beds are now [utilized] as bicycle paths in many cities.
11. This company [utilizes] the latest in computer technology to increase efficiency in production.
12. Rent for the apartment is $750 per month, not including [utilities].
13. Zig Ziglar once said that success is the maximum [utilization] of the ability that you have.
14. Lord Salisbury once remarked that a policeman's [utility] would disappear if there were no criminals.
15. In 1865, Joseph Lister became the first doctor to [utilize] disinfectant during surgery.
16. The rent for our new apartment is a bit more than I'd wanted to pay, but the [utilities] are included, so I think it's a good deal.

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